Insert Molding

Speed of production with an eye for the bottom line is important for any plastics manufacturer, but quality of production matters most. After all, producing the wrong part as fast and as cheap as possible will eventually break your supply chain as fast as the parts themselves break down.

With Revere Plastics Systems, you can have it all. Our insert molding experts know what it takes to combine precision and quality with speed and affordability, and no one does it as well.

What Is Insert Molding?

Insert molding combines traditional molding processes, and introduces extra objects to form parts that require specific spaces or additional materials. One example might be a piece with several hose attachments or a container that has angled funnel points. In these cases, rods are inserted during molding, and then removed when cooled to produce unique openings that allow the product to function. Another example might be a part that needs plastic molded around a different, metal part. In this case, the insert is not removed and becomes part of the finished product.

When Is It Most Useful?

  • For products that require openings that cannot be placed along one mold seam, insert molding can meet the specification without dramatically increasing production time.
  • For products with multiple openings, insert molding can save money by avoiding cutting out holes, post-production. This eliminates costs associated with post-production work, plus reduces shot size to gain even more savings by eliminating waste.
  • For products that combine plastic and metal, the insert-molding process is perfect for providing a more finished product, one that’s already integrated, saving assembly time and costs.

Put Our Flexibility
To Work For You

  • Flexible Thinking

    The plastics experts at Revere Plastics Systems will help you identify cost-savings in tool production that won’t sacrifice precision and quality during the prototyping phase to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need without breaking the bank.

  • Flexible Design

    Sometimes, clever design can help eliminate the need for multiple inserts to help save even more. If there’s a way to drive out cost savings in your design, our engineers will find it.

  • Flexible Delivery

    No one can match our insert molding capabilities, with four locations in Ohio, Indiana, Missouri and Ontario that each have dedicated expertise and and presses available to get you up and running in days. Our capacity means you’ll never interrupt your supply chain, getting delivery on your terms, not ours.


Vertical press at Revere’s Clyde, OH location

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