Building a Culture of Gratitude through Social Media Interaction

Glen Fish, CEO
by Brittany Willes, contributing writer, Plastics Business

There is no denying that with technological advancements come great benefits. However, there often are unintended drawbacks as well. When it comes to communication mechanisms like social media, the very platforms that are meant to bring people together often result in users being less present in their daily lives. This even extends to the workplace, as many companies are finding. So, how can business leaders engage their employees and cultivate a workforce culture revolving around engagement and teamwork? Plastic injection molder Revere Plastics Systems, LLC, Novi, Michigan, has found a way of incorporating social media into its company culture with positive results. 

Wanting to improve its fragmented human resources, payroll and benefits communication systems, Revere opted to implement a new system in 2020 – Paylocity, a cloud-based payroll and human capital management software system. In addition to bridging Revere’s human resources gaps, Paylocity came with an unexpected feature that would make a lasting impact on Revere’s company culture.  

“Once everyone was registered in the new system, they were able to access their paycheck through the computer or by downloading the app,” explained Kristi Stuetzer, vice president of HR. “The new system had an integrated tool called Community – similar to Facebook – where employees could interact with each other.” Through the Community page, employees discovered they could give one another awards – called Impressions – for various tasks, such as going above and beyond on a certain project, wearing appropriate PPE, for continuous improvement and more. 

“They actually discovered the feature without any rollout or marketing from management and began to use it,” she continued. “It was organic through our own team, and it was a neat process to see unfold.” Once an employee has been awarded an Impression, it is posted on the Community page for the receiver to see – along with everyone else. From there, other employees are able to leave comments and further positive encouragement.  

Seeing the employees eagerly awarding one another for positive actions, management quickly realized it had a powerful tool at its disposal that it could use to further celebrate the team while tailoring it to Revere’s specific needs. 

“Initially, we just used the original Impressions provided by Paylocity,” Stuetzer said. “However, we were able to adjust those and introduce items for the Impressions that are directly from our score card as a manufacturer. We measure ourselves on safety, quality, delivery, cost, etc. So, now we offer Safety Impressions and Delivery Impressions, along with the standard Thank You Impressions to further build our commitment to being grateful to each other.”  

In an effort to continue to encourage and celebrate employees’ efforts, Revere is planning on taking the Impressions program a step further – from virtual to real-world gratitude. “We’re going to create a virtual store,” said Stuetzer. “Once employees earn so many Impressions, they can turn them in for a rebate or coupon to buy things in the store, like hoodies, backpacks, T-shirts, hats, mug, etc.” It is just one more way for Revere and its employees to reap the rewards of their own positive actions. 

Furthermore, Revere is able to track and record employee activity though the system. The last week of every month, Impressions are tracked and grouped from the most to least given. This, in turn, ensures that Revere’s Employee of the Month, Quarter and Year programs are peer-driven, leaving no room for error.  

“To date, thousands of Impressions have been awarded without management even asking,” said Stuetzer. “People look forward to them. They want to know they’re making a difference. Even our CEO comments on the Impressions, and that matters to people. It has been an amazing experience.” 

“Recognition is a form of gratitude,” said Glen Fish, CEO. “When people show gratitude, it creates a positive environment that becomes infectious and makes people want to do more good things.” 

Creating an environment centered on gratitude and teamwork certainly has paid off for Revere in many ways. In addition to increasing employee engagement, the company has seen its production increase across the board while showing continued improvement in areas of safety, minimizing motion and waste, ideas of standardizing work areas and job understanding to eliminate confusion. 

The program was so successful, in fact, that Revere submitted it to the 2020 MAPP Innovation Awards. Stuetzer noted the company has been nothing but happy with the program and highly recommends it. “It’s validating,” she said. “Just being grateful – it reaches far with our employees. It means a lot to them.”

Revere Plastics Systems Continues Growth with Acquisition of Mexico Manufacturing Operation

Revere Saltillo, Mexico

 January 5, 2021 (Novi, MI) – Revere Plastics Systems, LLC, a leading manufacturer of highly-engineered plastic injection molded parts and assemblies, has acquired Alliance-McAlpin NY, LLC (“A-MNY”) and its subsidiary, Alliance-McAlpin MX, S. de R.L. de C.V. (“A-MMEX”), from Alliance Precision Plastics Corporation. The acquisition, effective December 30, 2020, establishes Revere’s first manufacturing facility in Mexico.

A-MNY and A-MMEX operate as a maquiladora, offering customers a cost-effective solution for injection molded products in various end markets. The company, located in Saltillo, in the state of Coahuila, currently operates 23 injection molding presses ranging from 67 tons to 720 tons.

“This acquisition gives Revere an important foothold in the vibrant manufacturing region of northeastern Mexico,” states Revere CEO, Glen Fish. “The acquisition of A-MNY and A-MMEX enhances our ability to quickly bring products to market in a very cost-effective way. This is our third facility acquired during 2020. To be able to continue expanding while satisfying our current customer base during a global pandemic is an achievement worth celebrating.”

Adds Kiki Nimtz, Revere Chief Commercial Officer, “We’re excited to work with current A-MMEX customers, and to introduce new market leaders to the Mexico operation. Expanding our client base and manufacturing capabilities are key to Revere’s long-term growth strategy.”

About Revere Plastic Systems

Revere Plastics Systems, LLC has over 50 years of experience in plastics manufacturing. The company was founded to serve customers worldwide by applying its engineering core to improve customers’ competitive global positions. Revere’s manufacturing capabilities include value-add plastic injection molding, welding, assembly, decoration and testing. Revere is among the top 50 plastic injection molders in the U.S. by total sales.

Revere employs more than 1,000 people in its manufacturing, technical and sales facilities. Headquartered in Novi, Michigan, Revere operates manufacturing facilities in: Auburn, Alabama; Fraser, Michigan; Jeffersonville, Indiana; Ankeny, Iowa; Saltillo, Mexico; Poplar Bluff, Missouri; Clyde, Ohio and Brampton, Ontario. For more information about Revere, visit

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CONTACT: Doug Drummond

VP of Sales and Marketing

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Eric Berg receives Above and Beyond award from MAPP

We’re very excited to announce Eric Berg, Director of Engineering at Revere Plastics Systems, LLC, was nominated and received the Above & Beyond Recognition Award from the Manufacturers Association for Plastics Processors (MAPP). Over 430 plastic processing companies participate in the MAPP and over 1000 plastics professionals participated in the Benchmarking Conference last week. Eric was recognized in front of all of these people and I could not be more proud of his accomplishments.

Thank you Eric for what you do for Revere and thank you Natalie Williams for also nominating Eric!

#leadershipexcellence #benchmarking #aboveandbeyond #revereplastics

Michigan company purchases Techniplas’ Ankeny plant

BY MICHAEL CRUMB, Senior Staff Writer, Des Moines Business Record

Monday, July 6, 2020 11:24 AM

Revere Plastics Systems LLC has acquired the Ankeny facility of Techniplas LLC, with hopes of expanding its customer base and restoring the plant’s workforce, company officials said.

The acquisition was part of the Novi, Mich.-based company’s purchase of other Techniplas facilities through Techniplas’ bankruptcy sales process. Revere also purchased the Techniplas plant in Auburn, Ala., increasing its manufacturing footprint from five to seven locations. It also operates in Clyde, Ohio; Jeffersonville, Ind.; Fraser, Mich.; Poplar Bluff, Mo.; and Brampton, Ontario.

Revere employs more than 1,000 people in its manufacturing, technical and sales facilities, according to a release.

The acquired facilities will focus on plastic injection molding for the automotive, outdoor power equipment, medical, HVAC and other markets.

Revere CEO Glen Fish said in a release that the acquisition gives the company a presence where demand already exists. It will also allow the company to expand its customer base, he said.

According to the release, the new plants will be operated as Revere facilities using existing equipment, workforce and infrastructure.

“We’re a very community-oriented company,” Fish said. “We’re looking forward to getting operations up and running as soon as possible.”

Doug Drummond, Revere’s vice president of sales and marketing, said the Ankeny location fits into Revere’s plans for growth.

“Having a facility in that area, it just immediately opens up our opportunities to serve our existing customer base, but it also gives us access to other companies and industries in those geographic areas that are really attractive for Revere’s overall growth plans,” Drummond told the Business Record.

He said that he did not know the immediate employment level at the Ankeny site, but that Revere plans to keep as many employees as possible.

“Operationally, we’re doing everything we can to keep as many of the employees as we can because they are a big success of that facility,” he said.

Drummond said that while Revere acquired Techniplas’ facility, equipment and workforce, it did not acquire its customer base. He said Revere is working diligently with customers who did business with Techniplas, and said some of that business is already beginning to return.

“We are going to try to build employment levels back up as high as we can,” Drummond said. “All the infrastructure, support and operators are there right now, so it’s not a shuttered facility, for sure.”

Although Drummond could not offer a timeline, he said Revere hopes to expand its customer base and employment levels at the Ankeny facility.

“Our goal is to not only build the plant up, but find ways to add more to it,” he said. 

Techniplas, based in Nashotah, Wis., filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in May after a deal with a private equity firm fell through as the coronavirus pandemic tightened its grip on the nation.

According to the Milwaukee Biz Times, Techniplas had $175 million in outstanding notes that were set to mature on May 1, and more than $17 million in borrowing due under a credit agreement.

The company had 721 employees when it filed for bankruptcy. It had let go another 190 just before the filing as it began closing the Ankeny and Auburn plants. Although the company’s Wisconsin and Iowa operations saw combined increases in sales last year, the company experienced a net loss of $21 million in 2019.


Revere Plastics Systems expands footprint to Alabama, creating 120 jobs

July 09, 2020 Words by Jerry Underwood

AUBURN, Alabama — Revere Plastics Systems, a leading manufacturer of highly engineered plastic injection molded parts and assemblies, has selected Auburn to house its first operation in the Southeast. Revere will employ 120 people at its Alabama plant over the next three years.

“Revere is thrilled with the location and growth opportunity that our Auburn facility offers,” said Glen Fish, CEO of Revere. “The active transfer of new business in our first weeks of operation is already encouraging, and we are proud of the exceptional team in place that significantly advances Revere’s expansion plan.”

Revere Plastics Systems is headquartered in Novi, Michigan, and has over 50 years of experience in plastics and manufacturing. Revere’s leadership and technical expertise has earned the company a ranking as one the nation’s top 50 plastic injection molders in sales.

“With the opening of its first plant in the Southeast, Revere joins Alabama’s great family of industries that have proven to be not only leaders in their field, but also great community partners,” Governor Kay Ivey said.

“We look forward to building a durable partnership with Revere and helping them to grow in Sweet Home Alabama.”


The addition of its Auburn operation will increase the company’s footprint to seven North American locations. Their location in Auburn will allow the company to grow its presence in the automotive, outdoor power equipment, medical, HVAC and other end-markets.

“We are pleased to welcome Revere Plastics Systems into Auburn’s industrial family,” said Auburn Mayor Ron Anders. “Their timing couldn’t be better for our community as this technology-based, value-added company prepares to provide jobs locally.”

Revere Plastics Systems will operate at 204 Enterprise Drive in the Auburn Technology Park North. Formerly under the names Weidmann and Techniplas, the facility has been used since 2004 as an injection molding operation.

“We look forward to growing new customers, localizing existing Revere business, and attracting some of Auburn’s prior business to the facility,” said CEO Fish.


Revere Plastics Systems Continues Expansion of Geographic Footprint With Acquisition of Two Techniplas Plants

NOVI, Mich., June 18, 2020 ( – Revere Plastics Systems, LLC, a leading manufacturer of highly-engineered plastic injection molded parts and assemblies, has acquired the Auburn, Alabama and Ankeny, Iowa facilities of Techniplas, LLC. The acquisition grows Revere’s manufacturing footprint from five to seven locations throughout North America. Revere purchased the assets through the Techniplas 363 bankruptcy sale process.

The acquired facilities focus on plastic injection molding including gas assist and two-shot molding. They also have a variety of secondary operations such as vibration and ultrasonic welding as well as various automated and cellular assembly capabilities. The Auburn plant has presses ranging from 110 to 1,500 tons, and the Ankeny plant has presses ranging from 85 to 3,000 tons.

“This acquisition gives Revere a valuable footprint in the Southeast and Midwest markets, especially as we continue to diversify our products and end-markets,” states Revere CEO Glen Fish. “This acquisition also provides us with a presence in two regions where we already have demand from existing customers. To be able to expand and continue to satisfy our current customer base, in these chaotic times, is an achievement we can all be proud of.”

The expertise and equipment gained through the transaction will enable Revere to immediately grow its presence in the automotive, outdoor power equipment, medical, HVAC and other end-markets. Revere plans to operate the new plants as Revere facilities, with the equipment, workforce and infrastructure remaining in place. “We’re a very community-oriented company,” explains Fish. “We’re looking forward to getting operations up and running as soon as possible.”

In addition to the two new plants, Revere has operations in Clyde, Ohio; Jeffersonville, Indiana; Fraser, Michigan; Poplar Bluff, Missouri and Brampton, Ontario, employing over 1,000 people in total.

Finalizing the acquisition was complicated by the coronavirus pandemic. All meetings were performed with video conferencing or conference calls, and traveling to the facilities had to be conducted with utmost care. “Even under regular circumstances it would have been difficult, because of the timing of the bankruptcy,” explains Doug Drummond, Revere’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The pandemic added another dimension. Our team really pulled it together and made it happen.”

About Revere Plastic Systems

Revere Plastics Systems, LLC has over 50 years of experience in plastics and manufacturing. The company was founded to serve customers worldwide by applying its engineering core to improve customers’ competitive global positions. Revere has manufacturing capabilities that include value-add plastic injection molding, welding, assembly and testing. In total sales, Revere is among the nation’s top 50 plastic injection molders.

Revere employs more than 1,000 people in its manufacturing, technical and sales facilities. Headquartered in Novi, Michigan, Revere has manufacturing locations in Clyde, Ohio; Jeffersonville, Indiana; Fraser, Michigan; Poplar Bluff, Missouri; Auburn, Alabama; Ankeny, Iowa and Brampton, Ontario. For more information about Revere, visit

CONTACT:  Doug Drummond
VP of Sales and Marketing
(419) 547-1966

Source: Revere Plastics Systems, LLC

Revere Plastics buying two plants from Techniplas through bankruptcy court process

June 10, 2020

Don Loepp, Plastics News Editor

Injection molder Revere Plastics Systems Inc. is growing again through acquisition, buying two plants from Techniplas LLC, which is in voluntary restructuring.

According to court documents, Revere is paying about $2.13 million for the assets of plants in Auburn, Ala., and Ankeny, Iowa.

“We will run those as Revere facilities, rather than just taking the equipment and moving it elsewhere,” Doug Drummond, Revere’s vice president of sales and marketing, said in a telephone interview. “We are very excited about this deal, and I do like the idea of keeping these plants open, as well as our own continued growth.”

Revere, which is based in Novi, Mich., has been owned by French private equity firm Ardian since 2017. Historically a major supplier to the appliance market, Revere has been diversifying its customer base. Drummond said this acquisition will help continue that effort, plus it gives Revere a presence in two regions where it already has demand from existing customers.

“We have many customers that have facilities in the Southeast, as well as in the upper Midwest. Having plants there is something we’ve wanted for a long time,” Drummond said.

Revere has been designated the lead stalking horse bidder for the assets, and court approval is expected by June 15.

Nashotah, Wis.-based Techniplas itself is an injection molder that has grown through acquisition. It includes the former Nyloncraft LLC, with facilities in Misawaka, Ind., and Jonesvillle, Mich.; Dickten Masch Plastics LLC, with facilities in Wisconsin, Iowa and Monterrey, Mexico; and Vallotech SA in Vallorbe, Switzerland. In 2014 it doubled in size with the purchase of the Switzerland-based Plastics Technology Automotive and Industrial division of Weidmann International Corp. That deal included the 140,000- square-foot Auburn plant, which opened in 2004.

In recent years, Techniplas has been working on refinancing its debt. George Votis, Techniplas’ majority owner, founder and chairman, had arranged for financing last fall from The Jordan Co., a private investment firm based in New York. But that deal was scuttled by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Faced with $175 million in outstanding notes scheduled to mature on May 1, Techniplas led for Chapter 11 protection in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Wilmington, Del. on May 6. Techniplas’ note holders have a stalking horse bid for the remainder of the company, which remains open.

Techniplas posted a loss of $21 million in 2019 on sales of $475 million. The company ranked No. 36 in the most recent Plastics News survey of North American injection molders.

Revere ranked in a tie for No. 39, with estimated sales of $255 million. Revere has plants in Clyde, Ohio; Jeffersonville, Ind.; Poplar Bluff, Mo.; Brampton, Ontario; and Fraser, Mich. It acquired the Fraser plant in 2018 when it bought certain operations and assets of Tier 1 automotive supplier Sur-Flo Plastics & Engineering Inc.

Prior to that acquisition, Revere had been growing its automotive business organically. Drummond said the deal with Techniplas will help Revere grow in automotive, outdoor power equipment, medical and other end markets. He acknowledged that Revere will have to win business that Techniplas ran in the two plants prior to its bankruptcy.

“We think in the matter of a month or so we can have tools and production running again,” Drummond said.

The Ankeny plant has presses ranging from 85-3,000 tons of clamping force. The Auburn plant has presses ranging from 230-1,500 tons, and has expertise in two-shot molding.

Drummond said finalizing a deal was complicated by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Even under regular circumstances it would have been difficult,” because of the timing of the bankruptcy, he said.

“We had to deal with having to do every single thing through a Zoom call or some sort of video conferencing. And then traveling to the facilities, everything was complicated, it took two days to get the team anywhere.”

Plastics News – Rising Stars 2020: Mack Biggert

April 13, 2020 10:13 AM

JORDAN VITICK Plastics News Staff

Mack Biggert, 27
Senior Manager, Mergers and Acquisitions, Revere Plastics Systems

Mack Biggert’s first job with plastics was a finance internship at Ann Arbor, Mich.-based Amcor Rigid Plastics, a manufacturer of rigid plastic packaging for markets such as food and beverage, personal care and health care. While he did not know much about plastics at the time, he came to “develop an appreciation for the vital role plastics play in a variety of other industries across the globe,” he said.

Biggert graduated from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. Before Amcor, he worked for Chicago-based global investment bank Lincoln International as an investment banking analyst in the mergers and acquisitions group.

He joined Revere Plastics Systems, an injection molder headquartered in Novi, Mich., as the senior manager of mergers and acquisitions in 2019. Biggert said his current challenge is finding and completing the company’s next acquisition.

“M&A is a major component of Revere’s growth plan, and we aim to complete 1-2 acquisitions every 12 months. However, we still have to be cautious about which companies we acquire,” he said. “Data shows that about half of acquisitions fail, so you have to put in a lot of effort before an acquisition to make sure it is a good fit for your company. This can be frustrating when you are eager to grow the business, but patience is ultimately better for the company’s long-term viability.”

Biggert is involved in the Manufacturers Association for Plastics Processors.

Plastics News: What is the best advice you have ever received? 

Biggert: You have to “do” before you can lead. This sounds obvious, but it is helpful to keep in mind that you are more effective and coworkers respect you more when you actually understand the work that everyone within your organization does. Empathy combined with credibility go a long way in business.

Q: What advice would you give to a person considering a career in the plastics industry? 

Biggert: I would say that the industry provides a lot of opportunity for people of many disciplines. Additionally, because plastics are used in so many applications, you have the opportunity to work with customers in a variety of end markets.

Q: What steps have you taken to advance in your career? 

Biggert: I make a concerted effort to keep learning on the job. I want to learn something new about my company, the industry, business in general every day. The more you know, the more effective you can be and the more doors open to you.

Q: If you were CEO of a company, what would you do first? 

Biggert: I believe in servant leadership. I would try to speak with as many of the ground-level employees as possible to see what their needs are and how I can serve and represent them.

Q: What job do you really want to have in the future? 

Biggert: I really like my current role because it allows me to think analytically and strategically. In the future, I’d like to continue to expand my strategic role within Revere and the plastics industry, in whatever form that takes.

Glen Fish, CEO of Revere Plastics Systems, LLC., was interviewed by MSNBC on the effects of tariffs on the washing machine industry.

May 10th, 2019

Manufacturing Marvels profiles Revere Plastics Systems

Manufacturing Marvels profiles Revere Plastics Systems, industry leader in highly engineered precision plastic injection molding systems, solutions and products.

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