Meet Up With Revere At The MAPP, Inc. Benchmarking And Best Practices Conference

BenchmarkingConference_14INDIANAPOLIS, IND. – This October, the United States’ leading plastics trade association, MAPP, Inc., will host its 2016 Benchmarking and Best Practices conference. Billed as a “no-nonsense” gathering for top plastics executives, the conference annually provides the best opportunity for plastics manufacturers to exchange working knowledge that helps the entire industry grow.

As a leader in offering innovative plastics solutions, Revere Plastics Systems will be a part of that exchange, and you can meet up with top Revere executives at the Indianapolis conference.

“It seems weird until you’ve been to a MAPP Benchmarking Conference that a bunch of competitors meet up to share information, but it’s really a great event,” said Revere Plastics Systems President Glen Fish. “It’s great being in a place with nothing but fellow professionals, talking shop.”

The Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference takes place October 13th and 14th.

About Revere

Revere Plastics Systems specializes in innovative plastics solutions like converting metal parts to more affordable plastics ones. If you want to see how Revere can solve your plastics problems with a flexible approach, but won’t be attending the conference, contact us today.