Multi-Shot Molding

Unlike other “machine-for-hire” plastics shops, Revere Plastics Systems acts as a trusted partner for even the most complicated of plastics production. Our experts know how to engineer multi shot molding pieces that maximize precision, production time and bottom line savings.

What Is Multi-Shot Molding?

Like the name says, multi shot molding is a process that requires a base layer of plastic that’s fully formed when a second, substrate layer is formed around it. This requires precise timing to make certain that the base layer is cool enough to inject new material around it, but does not waste cooling time, which leads to slow production and higher costs.

When Is It Most Useful?

  • For parts that combine different types of plastics, multi-shot molding can drive big savings by skipping assembly, and producing a more wholly-formed product.
  • For soft-touch materials, multi-shot molding can save time and drive additional cost savings.

Put Our Flexibility
To Work For You

  • Flexible Thinking

    If your part calls for multi-shot molding, our team will dissect your design and consider the right materials that drive out cost savings to help meet your goals. We’ll even check to see if other options– even design changes or assembly– might be right for you.

  • Flexible Design

    Revere Plastics Systems uses advanced, 3D cooling models to optimize production times and save you money. Knowing exactly the right moment to inject additional shots results in faster multi shot molding than anyone else can offer.

  • Flexible Delivery

    Our experts can help you in multiple locations, each with capacity to help now. That means you’ll never worry about missing a deadline or interrupting your production schedule, no matter how complicated your order.


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