2013 IMDA Awards Competition

The In-Mold Decorating Association is an organization of molders, printers, material suppliers and equipment manufacturers committed to the development and growth of in-mold decorated products, technologies and markets. The IMDA proudly presents the winners of its seventh annual awards competition, chosen from a field of entries from companies worldwide. Recognizing the industry’s best in-mold labeled packaging and in-mold decorated durable products, the winning entries were chosen based on creativity in design, engineering and innovation. Trophies were presented to the winners during an awards dinner at the 2013 IMDA Symposium in Lowell, MA.

Best Injection Molded Durable (IMD) Part – Gold Award

Compact Logix L1 Controller
Submitted by: Serigraph Inc.
Molder: Serigraph Inc.
Brand Owner: Rockwell Automation
In-mold decorating delivered the multi-level profile the customer required while eliminating post-mold decorating and an additional component part for overall cost savings. IMD also provided multi-color options, SKU flexibility, durability and resistance to cleaning solutions. Serigraph was able to form LED contacts into the appliqué to eliminate light piping.

Best Injection Molded Durable (IMD) Part – Silver Award

Maytag® Dispenser Fascia
Submitted by: Kurz Transfer Products LP
Molder: Revere Plastics Systems
Brand Owner: Whirlpool
This dispenser fascia is injection molded by Revere Plastics Systems using the Kurz IMD roll method. The dead-front window display is framed by a deep, high-gloss piano black border. The silver metallic sweeps down the waterfall contour, while the graphics and icons stay in precise registration. The topcoat system is highly durable and stain-resistant.

Best Injection Molded (IML) Package – Gold Award

Hot Cup
Submitted by: SFH Elite Design
Molder: Magenta LLC
Brand Owner: SFH Elite Design
This hot cup features multi-piece assembly for the drinkware market. It is designed to be durable for continuous use, is top rack dishwasher-safe and has a double walled construction to keep drinks hot or cold as desired. The design can be customized by in-mold decoration with any logo or image to suit the customer’s needs for promotions or events. Finally, this cup is made of 75-percent post-consumer recycled polypropylene, and the PP label can be recycled with the cup.

Best Injection Molded (IML) Package – Silver Award

Submitted by: Curver
Brand Owner: Curver
Curver has developed a new range of small and practical boxes using a new foil with an innovative soft finish for up-to-date surface touch and anti-scratch resistance. To produce this eye-catching appearance, a combination of advanced print and lamination techniques have been used. With in-mold labeling, Curver was able to launch a first collection with a wide variety of sizes and trendy designs, including popular licenses, to meet a variety of needs.

Best Part Design

2.5-L Nestable Square Pitcher
Submitted by: Ropak Packaging
Molder: Ropak Packaging
Brand Owner: Truco Enterprises
Ropak’s space-efficient square pitcher is nestable to save on inbound and outbound freight costs. It also incorporates Diamond Weave Technology™, which is a patented process to incorporate a unique diamond lattice structure on the internal surface of the pitcher to add structural strength where needed, all while maintaining stack performance and significantly reducing the amount of resin material and GHG emissions. The lid can be hinged to easily pour, or it can be completely removed to refill the contents. Overall, it is a more sustainable package that stands out on the store shelf with easy pouring, resealability, built-in tamper-evidence and attractive IML decoration.

Best Thin Wall Packaging

Submitted by: Emballages IML Plastx Inc.
Molder: Emballages IML Plastx Inc.
Brand Owner: O Sole Mio
For this project, IML PLASTX Inc. proposed to its client a container with an integrated pouring feature to simplify serving of the various sauces that are presented in this package. The “Saucier”, with its pouring beaker and integrated handle, allows for a smooth transition from the microwave to the table for enjoyment without further handling. The package is IML decorated, which makes it visually appealing while serving the product directly from the container.

Best Product Family

The Wave Package
Submitted by: CBW Automation
Molder: Polytainers
Marzetti was looking to refresh its line of veggie dips, but also looking for a packaging solution that would work on existing filling equipment. Polytainers Wave Series container provided all of the features for which Marzetti was looking. The container provided a transparent lower window that provided consumers the ability to see the product – an objective for Marzetti. Since the container series came in a range of sizes, Marzetti was able to transition its entire line – including dips and caramel – to the Wave Series look.

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