Stack Molding

Modern plastics production must combine speed to meet demanding schedules and accuracy to reduce waste and eliminate cost. At Revere Plastics Systems, we employ a suite of injection molding technologies that help speed up production and keep tight control over inventory. One of those methods is stack molding.

What Is Stack Molding?

Stack molding is really any process that uses multiple mold surfaces to create two or more parts in quick succession. While a traditional single-part mold uses two molding surfaces to create one part, a stack mold might use three molds to create two parts or stack even more to create additional parts in one production cycle. The number of molds depends on the size and complexity of the finished product.

When Is It Most Useful?

  • For parts that must be produced to work together, stack molding production ensures precisely the right amount of matching parts.
  • For high-volume parts, producing multiple products from same shot sizes, stack molding can increase production times, driving cost-savings that eclipse any added mold costs.
  • For larger finished parts, stack molding can break them into smaller pieces. These use smaller– and less costly– molds that save money in tooling, while the dual-process nature of the stack mold process doesn’t sacrifice production time the same way a traditional single-mold process would.

Put Our Flexibility
To Work For You

  • Flexible Thinking

    Our experts will analyze your design to see if traditional molds, stack molding or other processes will ultimately meet your budget and deadline. We look at a universe of possibilities to ensure you meet your budget and delivery.

  • Flexible Design

    We don’t just consider cost savings to a design, as-is. Our engineers go further, considering whether a design tweak might better control cooling for faster production. Sometimes, creating real cost-savings can mean completely changing the method by which it can be produced, to speed up delivery and save money.

  • Flexible Delivery

    Revere Plastic Systems has stack molding capabilities in Ohio and Indiana, so you can rely on us to meet your deadlines, no matter what. Go from prototyping to production in a matter of days with our massive capacity for engineering and production.


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