Tandem Molding

Plastics manufacturing is about speed and performance: speed to meet your deadlines, and performance to meet your budget. One of the processes in the Revere Plastics Systems toolbox is tandem molding, a design-driven way to increase production speed and boost your bottom line.

What Is Tandem Molding?

Like stack molding, tandem molding uses multiple molding surfaces to produce parts simultaneously. Tandem molding offers even more flexibility by allowing parts to be made with different shot sizes, so large and small parts can be produced, side-by-side.

In a tandem mold, one side of the mold is being formed while the other cools. This ensures fast production that also controls inventory and eliminates expensive overages for parts that must be used together. This system can save even more by using gravity or robotic arms to help speed up removal, which speeds up production and delivery.

When Is It Most Useful?

  • For different-sized parts that must be combined later in production, tandem molding can accommodate one large part with one or several smaller ones.
  • For parts that are used together exclusively, tandem molding ensures exact inventories that can be delivered together so you never miss production schedules.
  • For large-volume production, tandem molding speeds up production with a process that allows more shots in less time than traditional molds.

Put Our Flexibility
To Work For You

  • Flexible Thinking

    Our experts help guide you through every practical molding method, showing you the total costs from prototype through production for each option.

  • Flexible Design

    If tandem molding could substantially save you time and money, our team can help you design a prototype that will allow it to be produced that way. If there is a design variation that can help drive cost-savings without sacrificing quality, our team will find it for you.

  • Flexible Delivery

    Revere Plastics Systems purposefully conducts tandem molding in multiple locations, in Ohio and Indiana, to make sure that nothing can interrupt your supply chain. You’ll be able to rely on our production, on your terms.


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