Vertical Press Molding

Take advantage of automated systems that speed up production and reduce costs. Revere Plastics Systems will always seek out solutions that minimize costs without sacrificing quality.

What Is Vertical Press Plastics Molding?

Each product design brings challenges that must be overcome and solutions that must be engineered to drive out cost savings in order to make them meet the deadline and budget demands of today’s manufacturer. One of the first places our team will seek to find those savings is in vertical presses. Vertical press plastics production is one of the simplest forms of production, and therefore one of the most affordable. It uses gravity to flow shots into the mold and gravity to drop parts out of them.

When Is It Most Useful?

  • For quick, simple parts that require low-cost production. Vertical presses can remove some human intervention in the production process, cutting down the time a person interacts with the part, and the time a person waits for safety gates to operate. The net time savings means faster and cheaper production without sacrificing precision.

Put Our Flexibility
To Work For You

  • Flexible Thinking

    Our engineers review your design to find cost-saving options, often times thinking first of vertical pressing and moving on to other affordable alternatives only when this isn’t a possibility.

  • Flexible Design

    Often, a simple augmentation to a design is all it takes to discover huge cost savings. Our engineers don’t just consider your design, they look for alternatives that can switch production methods to save time or save money. If your design is oh-so-close to being fully automated, our team will get you over the line so you can realize the savings.

  • Flexible Delivery

    At Revere Plastics Systems, we have substantial vertical molding capacities, available to start in mere days, so you’ll never have to worry about interrupting your production schedule.


Vertical press at Revere’s Clyde, OH location

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