Offering the Whole Package

Revere Plastics Systems: Offering the Whole Package

For more than 50 years, injection molding and design specialists at Revere Plastics Systems LLC has been in the business of helping clients achieve their manufacturing goals. Now the Ohio-based company is ready to scale up, with the capabilities and the drive to make that growth a reality.

More than molding

“At Revere Plastics Systems, we really like to focus on the ‘systems’ portion of our name,” said Revere President Glen Fish. Not content to provide injection molding services alone, Revere Plastic Systems prides itself on its multiple production facility sites, its engineering capabilities, and its fleet of nearly 300 presses ranging from 25 to 2,000 tons that support a variety of client needs. All of these assets allow the company to enhance its injection-molding core with a host of value-added services from welding and assembly work to supply chain management.

“We can literally be a one-stop shop,” said Fish, noting the clear benefits that this competency provides to Revere’s clients. Beyond just manufacturing a part, Revere is able to follow that part from conceptualization through execution, with all the prototyping and tooling in between.

“We are really like an extension of our clients, and that is the true benefit to them,” he added. “We have the expertise to manage all of those steps, and to go out and find suppliers that make the different components that we would assemble onto their parts. It helps them in their launch timeline, and it helps in the amount of effort they have to put into a product launch.”


“We have definitely invested in our business,” said Fish—and in addition to investments in both new and used presses, Revere is also investing heavily in peripheral technologies to aid every point throughout operations. “We are in the midst of purchasing a 3D printer to allow us to more rapidly prototype both parts and tooling so that we can make testing samples. We have made multiple quality enhancements in terms of investing in process capabilities on our equipment—there is different technology in welding we’ve invested in, plus engineering technology, like IT capabilities and software to help our engineers resolve issues quicker.”

Revere Plastics Systems also keeps its customers in mind with every investment. Fish added that Revere’s flagship location in Clyde, OH is currently undergoing a sizeable upgrade to add functionality for one of the company’s largest clients.

Investing in process and people

Even the best equipment is only as efficient and effective as the team member operating it. So to build the most effective business possible, Revere Plastics System also works hard to drive efficiencies and improve operations in a variety of ways. The business has long been engaged in the Six Sigma process, also incorporating elements of the Toyota Production System to streamline the different flows of the business.

“We’re really focused on leaning out our facilities and taking out waste—we’ve put Kanban systems in place, self directed work teams, formal problem solving training and leadership training with our team leaders and front level supervisors, a lot of visual management and getting the operators more involved, and we’ve seen significant improvements in labor efficiency and in scrap reduction,” said Fish. “We’ve made huge strides in terms of quality, delivery, end cost through efficiency, and inventory reduction. So the lean efforts, between lean and Six Sigma, have been huge in our operational improvements.”

In addition to improving efficiencies among its people, Revere is also working to improve communication and leadership among its people. “Our company culture is actually going through a renaissance,” said Fish. “Over the last year and a half we’ve really been emphasizing communication and teaching people the business side of things. They now are engaged in problem solving and continuous improvement—they have a voice.”

Through exercises ranging from newsletters to skip-level management meetings, Fish explained that morale alignment and development at all levels has been improving dramatically. “We put a lot of emphasis on our people, and I continue to remind everyone they’re our greatest asset,” he said. “It’s just really about opening up lines of communication. We’re still in the midst of this culture change, but it’s getting better every day.”

Flexibility: the Revere difference

Flexibility is more than just a property of plastic. It’s also a core trait that sets Revere Plastics Systems apart from the competition. While 50-plus years in operation could lead some businesses to rigid thinking and force of habit, Revere draws upon decades of experience and expertise to find fresh and creative solutions to fit into the requirements, budgets, and deadlines of any client.

“We emphasize our flexibility: ‘flexible thinking, design, and delivery’ is our mantra,” said Fish. “Being an engineering-based company— along with our willingness to be a problem solver—creates value for our customers. We can do things more efficiently because we can provide the full gamut of capability, from project management to sourcing to execution on the molding and assembly side and delivering a subcomponent as opposed to a simple ‘shoot and ship’ part.”

Looking Ahead

From 3D printing to projects that tackle converting traditionally metal items to lightweight plastic, Revere Plastics Systems had identified and is at the forefront of several industry trends through an increase in product development and R&D efforts. One rising trend in particular is a reshoring of the injection molding industry in the United States, and Revere is addressing this trend by turning its focus toward growth in the months to come.

“That is the number one priority: growth and expansion of our customer base,” said Fish. “We are actively working on expanding our presence in different end markets—looking in the automotive industry, packaging, medical products—and trying to find out where additionally our services best provide value for our customers. We want to get the word out about what our capabilities are and how we can help people. We have several initiatives underway now to grow and really to better market who Revere is.”

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2013 IMDA Awards Competition

The In-Mold Decorating Association is an organization of molders, printers, material suppliers and equipment manufacturers committed to the development and growth of in-mold decorated products, technologies and markets. The IMDA proudly presents the winners of its seventh annual awards competition, chosen from a field of entries from companies worldwide. Recognizing the industry’s best in-mold labeled packaging and in-mold decorated durable products, the winning entries were chosen based on creativity in design, engineering and innovation. Trophies were presented to the winners during an awards dinner at the 2013 IMDA Symposium in Lowell, MA.

Best Injection Molded Durable (IMD) Part – Gold Award

Compact Logix L1 Controller
Submitted by: Serigraph Inc.
Molder: Serigraph Inc.
Brand Owner: Rockwell Automation
In-mold decorating delivered the multi-level profile the customer required while eliminating post-mold decorating and an additional component part for overall cost savings. IMD also provided multi-color options, SKU flexibility, durability and resistance to cleaning solutions. Serigraph was able to form LED contacts into the appliqué to eliminate light piping.

Best Injection Molded Durable (IMD) Part – Silver Award

Maytag® Dispenser Fascia
Submitted by: Kurz Transfer Products LP
Molder: Revere Plastics Systems
Brand Owner: Whirlpool
This dispenser fascia is injection molded by Revere Plastics Systems using the Kurz IMD roll method. The dead-front window display is framed by a deep, high-gloss piano black border. The silver metallic sweeps down the waterfall contour, while the graphics and icons stay in precise registration. The topcoat system is highly durable and stain-resistant.

Best Injection Molded (IML) Package – Gold Award

Hot Cup
Submitted by: SFH Elite Design
Molder: Magenta LLC
Brand Owner: SFH Elite Design
This hot cup features multi-piece assembly for the drinkware market. It is designed to be durable for continuous use, is top rack dishwasher-safe and has a double walled construction to keep drinks hot or cold as desired. The design can be customized by in-mold decoration with any logo or image to suit the customer’s needs for promotions or events. Finally, this cup is made of 75-percent post-consumer recycled polypropylene, and the PP label can be recycled with the cup.

Best Injection Molded (IML) Package – Silver Award

Submitted by: Curver
Brand Owner: Curver
Curver has developed a new range of small and practical boxes using a new foil with an innovative soft finish for up-to-date surface touch and anti-scratch resistance. To produce this eye-catching appearance, a combination of advanced print and lamination techniques have been used. With in-mold labeling, Curver was able to launch a first collection with a wide variety of sizes and trendy designs, including popular licenses, to meet a variety of needs.

Best Part Design

2.5-L Nestable Square Pitcher
Submitted by: Ropak Packaging
Molder: Ropak Packaging
Brand Owner: Truco Enterprises
Ropak’s space-efficient square pitcher is nestable to save on inbound and outbound freight costs. It also incorporates Diamond Weave Technology™, which is a patented process to incorporate a unique diamond lattice structure on the internal surface of the pitcher to add structural strength where needed, all while maintaining stack performance and significantly reducing the amount of resin material and GHG emissions. The lid can be hinged to easily pour, or it can be completely removed to refill the contents. Overall, it is a more sustainable package that stands out on the store shelf with easy pouring, resealability, built-in tamper-evidence and attractive IML decoration.

Best Thin Wall Packaging

Submitted by: Emballages IML Plastx Inc.
Molder: Emballages IML Plastx Inc.
Brand Owner: O Sole Mio
For this project, IML PLASTX Inc. proposed to its client a container with an integrated pouring feature to simplify serving of the various sauces that are presented in this package. The “Saucier”, with its pouring beaker and integrated handle, allows for a smooth transition from the microwave to the table for enjoyment without further handling. The package is IML decorated, which makes it visually appealing while serving the product directly from the container.

Best Product Family

The Wave Package
Submitted by: CBW Automation
Molder: Polytainers
Marzetti was looking to refresh its line of veggie dips, but also looking for a packaging solution that would work on existing filling equipment. Polytainers Wave Series container provided all of the features for which Marzetti was looking. The container provided a transparent lower window that provided consumers the ability to see the product – an objective for Marzetti. Since the container series came in a range of sizes, Marzetti was able to transition its entire line – including dips and caramel – to the Wave Series look.

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